Care Guide

Unlike other materials that corrode and tarnish with time due to exposure to the environment, crystal awards can be kept in pristine conditions with minimal care and maintenance. In other words, your crystal awards can last for many years with just some simple maintainence.


In this section, we will list out how to care for your awards and the things to avoid in regards to caring for your crystal awards.

  1. The best way for your award to recover its shine after a period of neglect is to just run it under normal room temperature tap water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use anything abrasive to dry the award.
  2. If there are any stuborn dirt that are stuck onto the trophy, running it under soapy water or a small amount of glass cleaner will be sufficient to remove the dirt and give it a sparkle as well.
  3. Do not use multi-surface cleaner as a cleaning agent as the cleaner will damage the etching on the crystal.
  4. Avoid applying the glass cleaner directly on the crystal when trying to remove dirt from the surface
  5. If the crystal trophy really need a bit more sparkle, using normal white vineger will do the job(1part vinegar 2 part water)
  6. Do not use excessive force when placing the award on a table top as this will chip or crack the bottom
  7. Its generally not a good idea to drag the award on a table top as this will scratch the bottom
  8. Placing crystal awards too close together its not advisable, as any contact made with excessive force will chip the crystal
  9. When removing the trophy from a showcase with low tiers, cover the top of the trophy or remove it slowly to avoid knocks the panel on the top
  10. Crystal trophy might seem heavy and one might be tempted to use it as a paper weight, it is after still make of crystal which is fragile to rough touches, so always handle with care and be gentle with your crystal trophy