Colored art crystals are the perfect choice of gifts for your clients, employees and colleagues.
The elegant designs and excellent craftmanships of our colored art crystals range convey heartfelt
appreciation, creates lasting impression and celebrates important business or career milestone.
Whether it is to thank, congratulate and motivate, we have the designs for different occassions.


  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Company Milestone Anniversary

  • Office/Business Location Opening

  • Gift for Guests or Speakers

  • Sports or Recreational Contests/Events

  • Retirement

  • Long Service

  • Employee Recognition/Engagement

  • Company Milestone Anniversary

  • Suppliers and Distributors Recognition


We have received many enquiries over the years on our colored art crystal range.
The following FAQs are some of the most commonly asked questions we often received

Most colored art crystal are created from a highy favoured and widely used technique called glass blowing. Glass blowing is a forming technique that involves manipulating molten glass into varying shapes and designs through the aid of a blowpipe. Glass blowing is a technique that was conceived and almost exclusively used in Europe. The person that creates and blow the crystals are glassblowers.

Colored art crystal symbolises class and exclusivity. It offers a stylish way to mark all personal and business milestones. With the flexiblity for personalisation, presenting colored art as a gift allows busines or personal relationship to be taken to a higher level. A colored art piece is the culmination of centuries of heritage and craftmanship created by master artisans.

Our colored art crystal pieces are all created in Europe.

With the rise of crystal as fashionable items of novelty in Europe during the 18th and 19th century, skilled artisans jumped onto this trend and picked up glass blowing. The result was the start of a small but thriving cottage industry. The glass blowing industry in Europe is still largely intact today. Being a mainly cottage and family focused industry, glass blowing techniques are passed on from one generation to another. New techniques are also constanly incorporated to the tried and tested to create new and innovative designs.

In the glass blowing industry, Glass and Crystal are terms that are used interchangeably

Although colored art are also commonly known as colored art glass, the the raw materials used are always crystal

This is perhaps the most common questions we often received from first time buyer.

We will compliment each colored art piece with a crystal base that is mounted on the bottom of the colored art piece. The purpose of the crystal base is to allow for engraving of text and logo.

There are two main methods to go about engraving the crystal base, the first is on a printed plate and the second is direct sandblast engraving.

See examples of Sandblast Engraving and Printed Plate.

1. Irregularities

As each item is individually hand made by the glass blower and do not rely on the precision of machines, each piece will be different from one another. These irregularities reveal that a human hand produced the pieces, rather than a machine and also give it a distinctive charm.This creates a uniqe and exclusive item as each piece is different from each other.

2. Clarity of Crystal

What sets colored art crystals apart are the high clarity of the crystal and the absence of impurities such as bubble and dirt.

As colored art crystal usually incorporates the embedding of forms and designs within the crystal and colored is an essential element ,the use of crystal with high clarity level is a basic and vital condition to create the translucent quality we often associate with premium crystal. As such, colored art crystal produced by master artisans are always highly polished and largely devoid of impurities.

3. Pontil Marks

A pontil mark is a distinctive mark left on a piece of blown crystal when the glass blower remove the working rod from the colored art crystal. The location of the pontil marks can usually be found on the bottom of the item. Machine made or moulded crystal item do not have this distinctive mark.


Besides being artistic creations, the design of each colored art piece carries with it distinctive meaning and significance when presented as a gift. Some of the featured designs are exclusive to our company, providing exclusivity to clients who are looking for unique and timeless gifts.