Our contemporary award product line is the first series of off the shelf designs that that are exclusive, high quality and also affordable.

As an award company that focus very much on providing original ideas, this collection aims to redfine how awards are designed. The awards are made from a combination of polished aluminium and crystal. The aluminium element bring out an understated elegance while the crystal gives the award a brilliant sparkle. The results is a distintive one of a kind set of award that sets it apart from other awards.

This collection is the result of a number of years of sourcing and product development. Working closely with our production team, each award is carefully handcrafted and polished to ensure that the expected high standards are met

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An exceptional and unique award enhances and celebrates the achievements of an organiation or indvidual. The building blocks of creating an exceptional award starts off with an original concept that is created and complimented by excellent craftmanship

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